Communiqué de presse

Generators for Ukraine: Supporting Medical Facilities And Their Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine’s War-Affected Zones

In the face of ongoing challenges caused by bombings and power outages in war-affected regions of Ukraine, Aide Médicale et Caritative France-Ukraine is resolute in its commitment to provide assistance to the medical and medico-social establishments and communities in Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Thanks to the invaluable support of our esteemed partners, Solvay, Alight, and Talents & Partage, we have been able to make a positive impact since January 2023, delivering vital support to various medical establishments and their critical infrastructure in the region.

One notable achievement includes providing a generator to the Bogoduhiv psychoneurological boarding school, offering critical care to 135 children with disabilities, including 38 orphans. Furthermore, our support has extended to the Zhemchuzhynky Center of complex rehabilitation and the Khoroshevsky geriatric boarding house, ensuring ongoing care for their vulnerable residents.

The Starosaltivska Administration, in the Kharkiv region, a symbol of resilience, has also benefited from the alternative power supply.  Starosaltivka, being only 20 km from Russia, has had its critical infrastructure damaged multiple times.  

The Dnipro region is also under constant attack from Russian forces. Generators with a capacity of 330 kW, along with two inverters for each, were distributed among the departments of the medical institution, which serves a population of approximately 400 patients across various cities in the region.

One generator remained in Dnipro, while the other was allocated to the Kryvyi Rih anti-tuberculosis dispensary. Together, they will fully satisfy the demand for backup power, ensuring uninterrupted electrical supply.

Despite facing constant shelling and severe resource shortages, all supported centers continued to provide essential medical services to local residents and displaced individuals.

Through collaboration with our esteemed partners, we have not only provided physical aid but also brought hope to these establishments, which tirelessly work to heal and restore lives shattered by violence.

We express our sincere gratitude to Solvay, Alight, and Talents & Partage for their financial backing, which made the above assistance possible.

Together, with the support of our donors and volunteers, we remain dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of the people in Kharkiv and Dnipro, fostering hope and resilience in these conflict-affected regions.